Make Your Next Garage Sale Easy, Fun & Profitable
With The Garage Sale Kit!

Whether trying to de-clutter, minimize possessions, raise money, or simply doing some spring cleaning before a move, no one will deny that putting on a garage sale is hard work. If we’re to expend precious time and energy having one, we should certainly take a few simple steps to ensure its success. The secret to planning and putting on a successful low stress garage sale? - ORGANIZATION. A well organized garage sale will minimize stress, bring in more interested shoppers, and increase sales. The end result will be reflected in the profits and positive experience.

"This kit is definitely worth its weight in gold"
-Kristi R., TX

Good News. . .Help Is On The Way!
Reduce the stress involved in preparing for your next garage sale
With This Handy Garage Sale Kit.

The Garage Sale Kit is an affordable tool that's both useful and convenient. The preprinted self-adhesive stickers offer a helping hand with the time-consuming task of creating price tags and labeling sale items, their bold easy-to-read print make it easy for your customers to spot a bargain. Our whimsical brightly colored arrows and blank price cards bring a bit of uniqueness and fun to your sale. The garage sale checklist is designed to be your memory backup easing the chore of planning and organizing, and the tally sheets are a great way to keep track of who sold what. Finally we’ve included the “Simple Tips for A Successful Garage Sale” booklet FREE, it's packed with helpful tips to simplify the entire process and make sure your garage sale is a great success!

Your Garage Sale Kit Includes:

  • LABELS: 1,400 handy self‐adhesive preprinted stickers that make pricing and labeling quick and easy. No more writing out hundreds of price tags - simply select a price, peel and stick - a real time saver!

    You’ll receive:

    240   25¢ stickers
    240   50¢ stickers
    160   75¢ stickers
    160   $1.00 stickers
    80   $2.00 stickers
    80   $3.00 stickers
    80   $4.00 stickers
    80   $5.00 stickers
    80   $10.00 stickers
    160   Blank ¢ stickers
    80   Blank $ stickers

  • ARROWS: Have fun creating your own attention getting signs with these unique self-adhesive brightly colored arrows.


  • SNAP-APART PRICE CARDS: Blank price cards with decorative borders, printed on high quality heavy card stock - simply snap apart and color if you"d like. Great for bringing attention to large items where a smaller sticker might go unnoticed.

  • CHECKLIST: Check box style Garage Sale Checklist ensures important tasks won’t be overlooked.

  • TALLY SHEETS: Tally Sheets make it easy to total and divvy up proceeds from multifamily sales, or to record sales for individual family members.

  • TIPS BOOKLET: Who couldn’t use a few simple tips to help boost sales - make their garage sale a little easier, a little more organized and a little more unique - you’ll find them here in the Simple Tips For A Successful Garage Sale Booklet.

Click Here For More Examples Of Easy To Make Garage Sale Signs

Simplify Your Next Garage Sale!

The Handy Garage Sale Kit – Let Us Do Some Of The Work For You!


Garage Sale Kit

Deluxe Garage Sale Kit

  • LABELS: 9 sheets (1,400 stickers)
  • ARROWS: 2 sheets (Total of 4 Arrows)
  • PRICE CARDS: 1 sheet (10 cards)
  • CHECKLIST: 1 sheet
  • TALLY SHEETS: 2 sheets (Record sales for 2 families or family members per sheet)
  • LABELS: 9 sheets (1,400 stickers)
  • ARROWS: 3 sheets (Total of 6 Arrows)
    6 sheets (8-1/2" x 11)

    Makes creating signs quick & easy
  • PRICE CARDS: 1 sheet (10 cards)
  • CHECKLIST: 1 sheet
  • TALLY SHEETS: 2 sheets (Record sales for 2 families or family members per sheet)

Just $12.95 plus S&H

Just $19.95 plus S&H

Ready-to-Color Kit Includes:

One 8 1/2" x 11" Self Adhesive Lemonade Sign
2 Sheets -Self Adhesive color-and-cut Lemon Stickers
(4 lemons sized approximately 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" each)
One 8-1/2" x 11" Cardstock Trash Sign

Just $4.95 plus S&H

Simple Tips For A Successful Garage Sale Included FREE!
With either Garage Sale Kit!

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