At last, a simple practical solution for organizing homeschool papers in your home!

We're happy to introduce EasyFile's NEW set of colorful labels and tabs developed specifically to keep homeschool papers and records organized and accessible. By creating a "home" for the myriad of school papers you deal with on a daily basis you can ensure assignments, tests, administrative records, lesson plans, budgets, curriculum materials, etc. will have a place where they "belong" - leaving you with a more orderly home and less time wasted shuffling paper. Organizing homeschool papers is quick and easy with the Homeschool Filing Kit - New from EasyFile. These convenient labels and tabs organize your homeschool papers and simplify record keeping. Help your child stay focused by eliminating distracting school paper clutter.
  • Help your child stay focused and motivated - eliminate stressful distracting paper clutter.
  • Find what you want when you want it!
  • Increase your student's success - model and encourage healthy organizational habits.
  • Simplify homeschool record-keeping.
  • Spend more time teaching and less time battling paper clutter.

Convenient Colorful Labels & Tabs - Color-Coded By Subject & Student

EasyFile's homeschool labels and tabs are color coded by subject to simplify filing and retrieving. Each set of labels covers a large range of subject studies with choices that allow you to customize your system from elementary through high school. We've also included plenty of blank labels in each color category as well.

Organizing homeschool papers is easy with the EasyFile Homeschool Filing Kit. Simplify record keeping with these convenient colorful preprinted self-adhesive labels and tabs.Because many families homeschool more than one child each set of folder labels can be color-coded by student as well (by means of a self-adhesive colored dot).

Simply assign a different color to each child; then apply the colored dot in the space provided to any folder label pertaining to that child.

You may wish to use carry out the same color theme for organizing desk accessories, work areas and storage bins, as well as other subject, supply, and study materials.

  • Self-Adhesive Folder Labels: You'll receive 325 preprinted color-coded folder labels, each with additional space to further customize the title. Plus, 125 blank color-coded labels have been included for your convenience as well.
  • Hanging File Tab inserts: You'll receive 6 preprinted color-coded tab inserts printed on heavyweight semi gloss cardstock. These key-categories form the foundation of a user-friendly homeschool filing system that's easy to reference and maintain.

Filing With Color

Because many people are visually oriented, the use of color cannot be over emphasized. People with A.D.D. in particular are often right brained, visual learners. Since sight accounts for 90 to 95 percent of all sensory perceptions our brains receive, it stands to reason that any learning style can benefit from the use of color. Presenting information in a manner that's comfortable and visually appealing understandably makes it easier for the information to become memorable and familiar to us. This same concept can and should be applied to your homeschool and household filing systems.

Save Time: Our folder labels and index tabs are full color, not just a white label with an 1/8th of an inch color band across the top. You'll find our colorful labels create an orderly attractive filing system that you and your family will quickly and easily become familiar with.

Save Money: Our full color labels and tabs eliminate the need to purchase expensive colored folders and hanging files. Less costly manila folders and standard green files will suit your needs perfectly - and save you money.

If you're already using the EasyFile Home Filing System for your household files please note: We've designed our Homeschool Labels with an entirely different set of colors so you can easily differentiate between the two.

Setting Up Your Homeschool Files

Depending on personal preference and available space you can set up each child's homeschool records in a separate filing cabinet, drawer or bin. Or combine them in a single storage unit color-coded by child. Keep in mind the number of children you homeschool and the location and method you feel would work best in your home.

Older children can quickly become familiar with the files and lend a hand with keeping their papers in place.

Give your homeschool a head start for success.

We'll include the booklet
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Take advantage of the wealth of valuable information found in this unique 24 page booklet. Let it help you sift through, sort out, prioritize and optimize, get organized, reduce stress, and simplify your life.

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