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Your EasyFile Home Filing Kit includes:  An easy-to-read, easy-to-follow guidebook, a set of color-coded self-adhesive folder labels, color-coded hanging file tab inserts, easy-sort labels, and self-adhesive long-term storage labels.  BONUS:  Set of summaries and forms, including our simplified financial summary statement, and for a limited time you'll also receive the Simple Tips to Simplify Your Life Booklet FREE!

Get control of the paper clutter in your home with EasyFile, a paper management system that ensures A place for everything and everything in its place.
EasyFile Paper Management System
Your Homeschool Filing Kit includes: A set of color-coded self-adhesive folder labels and hanging file tab inserts designed to keep homeschool papers and records organized and accessible.  Each set of labels and tabs are color-coded by subject and include 50 self-adhesive colored dots that allow you to additionally color-code your system by student.  
<strong>Color-Coded Self-Adhesive Folder Labels:</strong> You'll receive 275 preprinted color-coded folder labels; each with additional space to further customize the title. Plus, 145 blank color-coded labels have been included for your convenience as well. 
<strong>Color-Coded Hanging File Tab inserts:</strong> You'll receive 6 preprinted color-coded tab inserts printed on heavyweight semi gloss cardstock.</li>
<strong>Self-Adhesive Colored Dots:</strong> You'll receive 50, ¼ inch single color, color-coding dots.    
<i>Please Note:  When ordering more than one set of homeschool labels a different colored dot will be included with each set.</i>
Homeschool Filing Kit
<p>Your Handy Garage Sale Kit includes:</p>
<strong>LABELS:</strong> 9 sheets of 1,400 handy self-adhesive
preprinted price stickers.</p>
<p><strong>PRICE CARDS:</strong> 1 sheet (10 cards)</p>
<p><strong>CHECKLIST:</strong> 1 Check box style Garage Sale
<strong>TALLY SHEETS:</strong> 2 sheets - Record sales for
2 families or family members per sheet.</p>
SALE BOOKLET.</strong></p>
Garage Sale Kit
Packed with valuable tips to simplify the entire process
and make sure your garage sale is a great success!

Ideas to help you boost sales, bring in more interested
shoppers, and put on a well organized sale with minimal

Simple Tips For A Successful Garage Sale Booklet - a little
help to make your next garage sale easy, fun, and
Simple Tips For A Successful Garage Sale Booklet
*Included FREE when you purchase
the Garage Sale Kit
Simplify the way you live.  Take advantage of the simple tips and techniques offered in this unique 24 page booklet.  Learn to successfully manage and optimize your time.  Reduce stress by defining and maintaining realistic expectations.  Teach your children through good habit and example how to work together as a family, show concern for others, handle money wisely, and avoid procrastination.  You'll find these ideas quick, uncomplicated, efficient and reliable, and best of all easy to implement!  Reduce the stress in your life with simple tips to help you organize and maintain a relaxed and peaceful home.
Simple Tips To Simplify Your Life Booklet
*Included FREE when you purchase either EasyFile Home Filing System or Homeschool Filing Kit
Your Yearly Update Packet Includes:
1 Personal Information Sheet, 1 Service Providers Sheet, 2 Codes Forms, 1 Emergency Checklist, 1 Household Inventory, 1 Valuables & Collectables Inventory, 1 Safe Deposit Box Inventory, 4 Financial Summary Sheets, and 1 Discussions and Agreements Summary. 

You'll find these handy resources invaluable in both simplicity and time-saving convenience.  Use them regularly to keep reference, finance, inventory, and preparedness information current and at your fingertips.
Easy File Summary and Form Refills
You'll receive a pack of 25 sheets.  Both you and your babysitter will appreciate this safe and reliable way to share vital information and special instructions specific to your children's care.
The form is colorful, easy-to-fill-out and easy-to-read.
Additional Babysitter's Checklists
You'll receive a set of 36 labels.  These 4 x 3½ labels are attractive as well as practical.  Each self-adhesive label provides plenty of space to list and record the contents of your long-term storage folder or envelope.
Additional Long-Term Storage Labels
You'll receive a pack of 25 sheets.  This resource is a great way to compile, organize and prioritize the myriad of notes, lists, and reminders now cluttering your counters.
Additional To-Do/To-Call Lists
<p>Need Additional Arrows?</p>
<p><strong>3 SHEETS:</strong> 2 self-adhesive arrows
per sheet.</p>
Additional Arrows


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