A straight-line filing system with folder tabs placed one behind the other in a single position offers many advantages.

  • It creates a simplified, organized, and efficient filing system. You'll easily find what you want when you want it.

  • It's user-friendly. You'll actually enjoy using your filing system, as you'll find your files are consistently neat, attractive, and orderly; and best of all easy-to-read
    and easy-to-access.
  • It speeds filing and retrieval time. Because our eyes are naturally drawn in a straight line, a single tab position eliminates the unnecessary confusion of eyes being drawn from
    side to side scanning multiple tab positions.

  • It's easy to maintain. With straight-line filing it's simple to add or delete a folder title without disrupting your pattern.

  • It's economical! By choosing single position folders all the folders you purchase are usable. You'll no longer find yourself with too many of one position, and too few another.

Straight-line filing promotes fast, accurate, simplified filing!

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