Keep your home files organized with the EasyFile paper management system home filing kit.  It's a complete and dependable home filing system that's simple-to-use and easy-to-understand.  Get rid of paper clutter in your home with a paper management system that helps you get organized by ensuring there's a place for everything - and a way to keep everything in its place. EasyFile Home Filing System - A Practical Solution To Paper Clutter!

Includes an 81 page Set-Up & Reference Guidebook, Color-Coded Labels & Tabs, Simple Tips Booklet, and Bonus Summaries & Forms. Everything you need to organize your home files simply and efficiently.

Easy-To-Follow Set-Up and Reference Guidebook
Whether you're starting from scratch as you set up a household filing system or reorganizing your existing files, EasyFile home filing system's guidebook will lead you through the process simply and practically in just 5 easy-to-follow steps.Organize papers now cluttering your home with this step-by-step guidebook that leads you through the preparation, set-up, and maintenance of your home filing system. The booklet is spiral bound and lays flat for easy reference. Its generous margins and large print make it easy to read.

For ease-of use your guidebook is divided into four sections:

  1. Introducing EasyFile: A few pages designed to familiarize you with your EasyFile Home Filing System
  2. Creating Your System: Five easy-to-follow steps that lead you through gathering supplies, the paper roundup, sorting and weeding, building your files, and creating a long-term storage area for infrequently accessed, but very important papers.
  3. Easy Guides: You'll refer again and again to the twenty-two Easy Guides included in your guidebook. These helpful guides list recommendations as to the contents of each folder, detail which papers should be retained and which may be discarded, and specify those that can be moved to long-twem storage, and when.
  4. Managing Paper: This section is dedicated to help ensure your success with a few thoughts on the habit of paper stacking, processing mail, avoiding paper clutter, and tips on maintaining your files.

You'll find your guidebook packed with useful tips and suggestions to help you get organized, save time & money, and maintain a home free from paper clutter. Plus, you'll enjoy the timely collection of inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout - from famous authors, statesmen, and philosophers with messages intended to entertain and motivate.

Color-Coded Labels And Tabs
Color coding your files is without a doubt the single biggest step you can take to improve your ability to file and locate papers quickly and efficiently with the least amount of effort.  Keep your home files organized up-to-date and easy-to-access with EasyFile home filing system's color-coded labels and tabs.Because many people are visually oriented they find the use of color beneficial. This visual association helps them to quickly become familiar with their files. The seven jewel tone colors are attractive and save both time and effort when filing and retrieving.

  • Easy-Sort Labels: These time saving labels will assist you in sorting, organizing, and distributing the papers you choose to retain and file.
  • Self-Adhesive Folder Labels: Convenient and colorful! You'll receive more than 100 preprinted, color-coded folder labels each with additional space for further customizing folder titles. Blank color-coded labels have been included for your convenience as well.
  • Hanging File Tab inserts: These 22 preprinted, color-coded key-categories form the foundation of a user-friendly home filing system that's easy to reference and maintain.
  • Long-Term Storage Labels: Free your active files from unnecessary clutter. These preprinted, self-adhesive labels will organize and detail the contents of your archive files.

Q: What type of file folders and hanging files do you recommend?

Free Bonus Offer

A Valuable Set Of Time-Saving Summaries and Forms
You'll find these summaries and forms handy resources invaluable for both their simplicity and time-saving convenience. Use them regularly to keep reference, finance, inventory, and preparedness information current and at your fingertips.Neither tedious nor time consuming; these simplified forms provide a logical convenient location for recording frequently used, or vital information.

  • To Do / To Call List: A great way to organize and prioritize the myriad of notes, lists, and reminders that clutter your counters.
  • Babysitters Checklist: A safe and attractive way to share vital information and special instructions with your sitter.
  • Personal Information: Store key pieces of pertinent information for each family member in one convenient location. You'll appreciate the time saving simplicity when filling out forms.
  • Codes: This timely resource allows you to compile access numbers, names, security codes and passwords, all on one convenient log.
  • Service Providers: A handy reference for recording names, numbers, and related information on frequently called, reliable service providers.
  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist: This comprehensive list allows you to check off supplies purchased and preparations taken as you prepare for possible evacuation or to batten down the hatches.
  • Household Inventory: Use it to provide yourself with a detailed record documenting items of value contained in your home or storage unit.
  • Valuables and Collectibles Inventory: Neatly and easily document items of value for insurance purposes, or to insure their background information is accurately passed along to family members.
  • Safe Deposit Box Contents: Use this handy tool to record and update the items of value contained in your safe deposit box.
And You'll Also Receive

A Simplified Financial Summary Statement
Completing this summary on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly, can help you stay financially on track, make informed decisions, and assist in monitoring your savings growth and debt reduction.

And For A Limited TIme
Take advantage of the helpful tips and techniques offered inside this valuable booklet. Simplify the way you live, learn to reduce stress and maintain realistic expectations, use time wisely and avoid procrastination.  Simplify your life by creating healthy habits that will benefit you and your children for a lifetime.We'll include the booklet Simple Tips To Simplify Your Life FREE!

Take advantage of the wealth of valuable information found in this unique 24 page booklet. Let it help you sift through, sort out, prioritize and optimize, get organized, reduce stress, and simplify your life.

Order EasyFile Home Filing and Paper Management System today!

Home Filing System shown with folder labels attached to manila file folders placed in 1st position (left); with index tabs affixed to right front corner of hanging files.  An example of straight line filing.

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